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Administrator Certification Renewal Time Is Upon Us! Mail renewal forms and CEUs to Scott Ashley at DHSR!

Submission of Adult Care Cost Report Mandated

Senate Bill 744 has mandated the submission of the Adult Care Cost Report, which are due to the DHHS Office of the Controller on December 31, 2014. Read more …

PCS Recoup/Repay Plan Released

DMA has released the final Recoupment/Repayment Plan. Please check the DMA Web page every day for a Special Medicaid Bulletin! Read more …

Most Recent NCALA Legislative Update

Read the latest NCALA Legislative Update to learn what NCALA is doing for you at the NC General Assembly.
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Deficiency FREE Surveys! NCALA congratulates Provider Members who have received deficiency-free biannual surveys from DHSR!

Committee, Study & Task Force Participation by NCALA

  • NC Coalition on Aging
  • NC Community Care Networks, Inc–Dual Eligibility Planning Workgroup
  • Independent Assessment/PCS Provider Focus Group Meeting
  • NC ACE (Action Collaborative for Excellence) in Long Term Care Workgroup
  • NC ACT (Alliance for Effective Care Transitions) Workgroup
  • NC NOVA (New Organizational Vision Award) Workgroup
  • NC PHCAST (Personal Home Care Aide State Training) Workgroup
  • SAFE (Strategic Alliances for Elders) in Long Term Care Workgroup
  • NC Tracks/NC Medicaid UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • NC Consolidated PCS Stakeholder Group and Sub-Committees
  • NC Alliance for Alzheimer’s Care
  • NC Blue Ribbon Commission – Consolidated PCS
  • NC Blue Ribbon Commission – Study State-County Special Assistance Rate Structure
  • NC Medicaid Program/EVC (Enrollment, Verification and Credentialing) Recredentialing Process
  • NC 1068 Training for Assisted Living Providers – Stakeholder Consultation
  • Executive Order 70: Review of Existing Rules for Adult Care Homes Workgroup
  • House Bill 677: Adult Care Home Resident Discharge Teams
  • NC DHSR Penalty Review Committee
  • NC IDR (Informal Dispute Resolution) Committee