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Legislative Update

Updates from NCALA Government Relations Consultant, Evelyn Hawthorne.
» Issue 15-03

Medicaid Update

DMA is making a number of significant changes this Spring/Summer. Mem­bers serving Medicaid beneficiaries must be aware of the changes. Read a summary with links to DMA and to Liberty Healthcare.

Amended Medication Labeling Requirements for LOA

Rules Relating to Medication Labels and Pharmaceutical Services Have Changed Read more …


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Committee, Study & Task Force Participation by NCALA

  • NC Coalition on Aging
  • NC Community Care Networks, Inc–Dual Eligibility Planning Workgroup
  • Independent Assessment/PCS Provider Focus Group Meeting
  • NC ACE (Action Collaborative for Excellence) in Long Term Care Workgroup
  • NC ACT (Alliance for Effective Care Transitions) Workgroup
  • NC NOVA (New Organizational Vision Award) Workgroup
  • NC PHCAST (Personal Home Care Aide State Training) Workgroup
  • SAFE (Strategic Alliances for Elders) in Long Term Care Workgroup
  • NC Tracks/NC Medicaid UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • NC Consolidated PCS Stakeholder Group and Sub-Committees
  • NC Alliance for Alzheimer’s Care
  • NC Blue Ribbon Commission – Consolidated PCS
  • NC Blue Ribbon Commission – Study State-County Special Assistance Rate Structure
  • NC Medicaid Program/EVC (Enrollment, Verification and Credentialing) Recredentialing Process
  • NC 1068 Training for Assisted Living Providers – Stakeholder Consultation
  • Executive Order 70: Review of Existing Rules for Adult Care Homes Workgroup
  • House Bill 677: Adult Care Home Resident Discharge Teams
  • NC DHSR Penalty Review Committee
  • NC IDR (Informal Dispute Resolution) Committee