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“Shorts” On
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Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Overview

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NCALA Support of Membership

  • Quarterly meetings with NC Medicaid, Division of Health Benefits, on behalf of communities who serve Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Quarterly meetings with the Investigation Section of NC Medicaid, Division of Health Benefits. As a result of these meetings, the Medicaid Investigation Section provided NCALA copies of the audit tools and guidelines used in Medicaid Personal Care Service (PCS) audits (PCS Audit Tools and Guidelines are posted on the NCALA Web site for you to use to self-audit your compliance with the PCS Clinical Coverage Policy 3L).
  • Member of the NC Falls Prevention Coalition, which works to reduce the number of injuries and deaths from falls in NC. Currently involved in a five-year study.
  • NCALA serves on the Special Care Dentistry Advisory Committee, NC DHHS, Division of Public Health, Oral Health Section. As a result of this alliance with the Oral Health Section, more than 75 assisted living communities received staff training in the provision of good oral health care and the prevention of problems that arise with neglected oral hygiene.
  • NCALA serves on the “Mouth Care in Assisted Living” Advisory Board. The board is adapting an evidence-based program that improves oral hygiene and health for assisted living residents with dementia. The program will result in a video, titled “Mouth Care without a Battle for Assisted Living”.
  • NCALA serves as the host site for the NC DHHS/DHSR/ACLS Rule Readoption Committee. The committee comprises Ombudsman; County DSS Directors; Resident Advocacy groups; Division of Aging representatives; NC Medicaid, Division of Health Benefits; as well as provider representatives.
  • NCALA collaborates with and supports the Coalition On Aging and Residents of Long Term Care.
  • NCALA is approved by DHHS/DHSR/ACLS to provide Settlement Agreement staff training when the state agency agrees to training in lieu of penalty in contested cases.
  • NCALA provided free training in lieu of penalty for six members in 2019.
  • NCALA participates in quarterly meetings with the ACLS Chief, Megan Lamphere. This allows us to present concerns that NCALA members have regarding the survey process or survey outcomes.
  • NCALA continues to work closely with other provider groups, resident advocacy leaders, and DHSR ACLS to promote sound rule making and effect assisted living legislation that supports providers as well as the residents that we all serve.
  • NCALA worked with more than 50 Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Preceptors.
  • NCALA provided training for 70 AIT students.
  • NCALA conducted 5 AIT classes.
  • Karen Mosley AIT Scholarship awarded to one Administrator-in-Training candidate, Mamie Kah from Spring Arbor of Raleigh.
  • NCALA led our first Spring Break training with more than 110 attendees earning 6 CEUs each.
  • NCALA received NAB/NCERS approval for the 2019 Conference and Trade Show.
  • NCALA co-hosted seven FREE one-hour webinars for members.
  • NCALA led four regional trainings.
  • NCALA conducted three 15-hour Medication Aide classes.