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Star Rating System

Have questions about the new Star Rating System? Download the DHSR presentation, “Intro to Star Rating” and visit NC DHSR ACLS Star Rating Certificate Program Web site.

Read the NCALA statement regarding the new Star Rating System.

The Star Ratings Web site for adult care homes is now searchable.

Long-term Care Ombudsmen Program

Nationally, the Long-term Care Ombudsmen Program has been in existence since 1971. North Carolina’s program has existed since 1976, and is based within DHHS, Division of Aging and Adult Services. The NC program comprises state and regional ombudsmen who help residents in AL communities exercise their rights. Besides being an advocate for residents, they educate the public and AL-community staff about resident’s rights and help to resolve grievances between residents/families and AL communities.

Regional ombudsmen are located within Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state. Additionally, they also help support the efforts of assisted living advisory committees appointed by county commissioners. These local committees are composed of volunteers who visit AL communities, serving as advocates for residents and helping to ensure that the resident’s bill of rights is maintained. Go here for an overview of the NC Long-term Care Ombudsmen Program.

DHSR Complaint Hotline

As part of the North Carolina budget, Senate Bill 622 Section 10.40A.(k) was amended by adding the following new subsection to read:

(j) Adult Care Homes shall post the Division of Health Services Regulation’s complaint hotline number conspicuously in a public place in the facility.

The complaint hotline number is (800) 624-3004. For assisted living providers, NCALA suggests posting this with or near your current copy of the Residents Bill of Rights.

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