As assisted living falls under sharper state scrutiny, NCALA must respond with a strong voice. NCALA PAC plays an important role in NCALA’s total government relations strategy by supporting those candidates for elective office who share our philosophy.

Fast Facts

  • NCALA’s 240+ Provider Members serve more than 14,000 seniors.
  • One third—or 4,600+—of those seniors receive SA/MA.
  • NCALA’s members are regulated by the State of North Carolina.
  • NCALA’s members employ more than 7,000 North Carolinians and pay taxes, including: property tax, sales and use tax, payroll tax, and income tax.
  • NCALA’s members serve healthy seniors, persons who are frail elders, and persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.


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Grassroots Advocacy Resources and Tools


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Passage of just one bill in the state legislature can have a major impact on assisted living’s future. To advance our concerns and interests, NCALA needs a political presence in Raleigh. We must help elect candidates who understand and support issues and concerns of the assisted living industry.

NCALA PAC is a registered North Carolina political action committee established to solicit, with prior approval, voluntary, personal contributions from member-company executives and administrative personnel, and to provide financial assistance to candidates for state elective office. NCALA PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan political campaign fund.

The affairs of NCALA PAC are directed by the NCALA Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for reviewing and selecting candidates for state office and other qualified activities, to receive NCALA PAC’s support.


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What You Can Do to Help

Federal and state law prohibits trade associations from donating dues revenue to candidates for elective office. However, NCALA members’ employees may take an active political role by contributing to our political action committee. NCALA encourages you to contribute to NCALA PAC.

Our collective efforts can make a difference. Please join your colleagues in support of NCALA PAC by making your contribution today! To donate, please print this form (PDF, 70 KB), complete it, and mail it to the NCALA office with your personal check. Thank you!


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PAC Events

House Bill 474 Bill Signing Ceremony

HB474 Bill Signing Ceremony

NCALA Lobbyist Evelyn Hawthorne and NCALA Executive Director Peggy Smith attended Governor Perdue's signing of House Bill 474: Protect Adult Care Home Residents (Rep Jennifer Weiss, D-Wake). HB474 increases training requirements for medication aides (med techs) in adult care homes. Training curriculum changes were already underway at the Division of Health Service Regulation. Rep Weiss met with a number of NCALA members to discuss the bill and to take various views into consideration. NCALA thanks Rep Weiss for meeting with NCALA members. The bill sets out requirements for training for medication aides, specifically related to infection control, and adds 10 additional hours of training and a competency exam as of October 1, 2013. It also adds a requirement for the reporting of outbreaks of communicable diseases in adult care homes to the local health department.

NC House GOP Health Caucus Presentation, Jan 2011

NCALA’s lobbyist, Evelyn Hawthorne, made the following presentation to the NC House GOP Health Caucus. This was part of an ongoing effort by NCALA to educate our state legislators about the realities of AL in NC.

NC House GOP Health Caucus Presentation

Lt Governor at 2009 NCALA Fall Conference

NCALA was honored during their 2009 Fall Conference by the presence of NC Lt Governor Walter Dalton at the Wednesday night reception and resident art show. We enjoyed the opportunity to speak with him, and he enjoyed being there, too!

Tonya Cloutier, Christine Stempel, Walter Dalton, and Evelyn Hawthorne

Walter Dalton


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