Training Schedule Preceptor Materials

Preceptor Materials

PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent changes at DHSR, students and preceptors are now required to complete documentation of 100 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) with their preceptor. The required paperwork can be found below.

Preceptor Qualifications and Responsibilities

The qualifications and responsibilities for preceptors participating in the NCALA Administrator Certification Program are outlined in this document.

How Do I Become a NCALA AIT Preceptor?

To become a preceptor for the NCALA AIT Program, be sure that you meet the qualifications and that you can handle the responsibilities outlined here. Then, simply call NCALA at (919) 467-2486 and have a 5-minute conversation with Frances Messer, the NCALA President & CEO. That is all there is to it!

OJT Documentation

Please use the following forms to document OJT hours:

Sample Exercises

Sample exercises for you to use while precepting your AITs (these are suggestions and examples; you are not required to use them):


If you have any problems with these documents, please contact us.